Stephen Walter Rosandich Born: 27 April 1920 in Sherwood, WI Married: 07 August 1954 in Milwaukee, WI Died: 1995 Wife: Priscilla Ann Brandish
Priscilla Ann Brandish Born: in Winona, MN Died:  Father: Thomas Brandish Mother: Anna Hoppe


Marie Ann Rosandich Born: in Milwaukee, WI Married: 30 December 1970 in Milwaukee, WI Died:  Husband: Richard Berninger
Thomas Paul Rosandich Born: in Milwaukee, WI Married: March 1969 Died:  Wife: Lauren Verbanac
David John Rosandich Born:  Married:  Died:  Wife: 
Joan Ellen Rosandich Born: in Milwaukee, WI Married: 01 July 1983 in Milwaukee, WI Died:  Husband: Brian Walter Banks
Jean Mary Rosandich Born:  Married:  Died:  Husband: 
Raymond James Rosandich Born:  Married:  Died:  Wife: 


August 7, 1954 - Wedding Day: Grandpa Steve, Priscilla & Steve with Marie & Tom Steve, Jeanie, David, Joanie, Marie and Tom, Christmas 1949 Steve & Priscilla, 1987 Tommy (Tom's son), David, Priscilla, Steve, Richard (Marie's son), Angie (Tom's daughter), Jeanie & Tom, Easter 1994