Helen Yvonne Rosandich Born: 16 March 1926 in Sherwood, WI Married: 15 May 1948 in Bakerville, WI Died: 16 February 2018 in Marshfield, WI Husband: Lawrence Henry Schultz
Lawrence Henry Schultz Born: in Spencer, WI Died:  Father: Lowell H. Schultz Mother: Ida M. Guetschow


Stephen Allen Schultz Born: in Wisconsin Rapids, WI Married: 24 April 1992 in Ogden, UT Died:  Wife: Mary Jane Willis McCutchen
Melanie Rose Schultz Born: in Wisconsin Rapids, WI Married: 20 March 1981 in Sumter, SC Died:  Husband: Hazel Pack
Lowell Thomas Schultz Born: in Wisconsin Rapids, WI Married: 18 October 1972 in Superior, WI Died:  Wife: Linda Susan Pananen
Michael Dean Schultz Born: in Wisconsin Rapids, WI Married: 15 September 1973 in Chili, WI Died:  Wife: Coleen Mews
Lawrence William Schultz Born: in Marshfield, WI Married: 20 August 1976 in Marshfield, WI Died:  Wife: Rochelle Jean Lavey
Kenneth Gerald Schultz Born: in Marshfield, WI Married:  Died: 27 November 1962 in Marshfield, WI Wife: 


Grandma & Grandpa Schultz with Grandchildren Helen & Lawrence Kenny 1962; shortly before his death on November 27, 1962 The Schultz Family, November 1989: Helen, Lawrence & Melanie, mike, Lowell, Steve & Larry